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Bathsheba Bathed in Grace:

How 8 Scandalous Women Changed the World
By Carol Cook

An odyssey of passion, adultery, lies, deception, scandal, murder, cover-up, heartache, pain, and loss—stories with these sordid elements are relevant today. They were all women of the Bible, flawed and wounded yet dared to rise up and overcome the incredible odds that lay before them. Bathsheba, a victim or temptress, Eve outside of Eden,

BATHSHEBA Bathed in Grace: How 8 Scandalous Women Changed the World

Tamar posed as a prostitute, Leah stole her sister Rachel’s fiancé…Sarah gave Hagar to her husband and Rebekah masterminded a grave deception.

Women with shady pasts—labeled, shamed, and linked with tragedies—are part of our contemporary heritage. In Bathsheba Bathed in Grace: 8 Scandalous Women Who Changed the World, author and Bible teacher Carol Cook shows how the same God, who stepped so powerfully into the lives of these 8 ancient women, is ready and waiting to step just as powerfully into the lives of contemporary women…despite their shady pasts — all to give hope to every woman for the legacy each will leave.


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